Who we are

KRIYA’s goal is to create an ecosystem of medical solutions that integrate diagnostic devices and digital technologies to target high occurrence and high impact diseases such as diabetes, cardiac complications and cancer that are critical to improving basic healthcare in the underserved communities and developing markets.

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KRIYA over the years

KRIYA has grown over the years by bringing to market products and solutions that address key issues of affordability, accessibility and availability with the goal of improving healthcare. Starting with BGMS, KRIYA now offers a diversified portfolio covering Diabetes Care, Pre-Analytics, and has products planned for Cancer and Cardiac care.


KRIYA embodies a culture that allows everyone to showcase their individuality while working together with the mindset of belonging to the KRIYA family. The strong family culture where close professional relationships are fostered, allow employees to feel empowered, embrace failure, learn, support each other and contribute to ensure growth and personal development.

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